Our Story

How CJD Equestrian came to be goes way back to the year of 2009 when the beautiful pinto pony, Temptation, came trotting into our lives. Charon progressed very well in her horse riding and was now ready to buy her very first pony, and what a search is was to find the perfect one. It was quite a race to buy this special pony, since we were not the only people interested in him. The previous owner told us that they would sell him on a first come first serve basis. With the help of friends and family we were the lucky family to purchase this soon to be spoiled pony. Who knew that this little pinto pony would be the reason that CJD Equestrian is standing today.

For the first few months that we had Temptation we stabled him at a yard not far from where we stay, it was a lovely yard with amazing people, and this is where Charon discovered her love for riding. Unfortunately, Tempy was not only spoiled and loved to bits, he turned out to be an escape artist at its best too... Nothing could keep this pony inside the stable, let alone a paddock! During our time there the stable yard had a heart breaking tragedy where two horses broke loose and ran out of the yard onto a very busy road, and both horses were killed by moving vehicles. It was a horrible experience and everyone was devastated. After that we became fearful of what might happen to Temptation. The accident was no one’s fault, but we couldn’t put the responsibility of Temptation on the yard, the risk was too high because of his escaping skills. So we had to come up with a plan to bring Tempy home.

Shortly after, with hard work and the help of friends our stable yard was built, paddocks were set up and arenas were filled with sand. We moved Temptation to his new home on the 16th of June 2010. Oh how happy Charon was to have her beautiful pony just walking distance from home, she could visit him any time she wanted to, and trust me when I say SHE DID.

Many people wonder where the name CJD Equestrian comes from. Well, to be honest we had quite a difficult time coming up with a name for our stable yard, but one day Leon, Charon’s dad, come to the stables and he said “Why don’t we call it CJD Equestrian, after all, we built the stable yard for Charon and her pony”. Now you may think “but why CJD”? To shed some light on that, CJD is the initials of Charon, which reads Charon Joan Dominique. After a little thought it was set, Temptations home would be called CJD Equestrian.

We still laugh about it today, as there were only supposed to be 5 stables in case Charon needed another horse or two for when she grew out of Temptation and needed something bigger that could take her further. However, Leon decided “GO BIG, OR GO HOME”. So instead of only 5 stables, we ended up having 23. This was actually a blessing in disguise, because if we didn’t build the extra stables we would never have met the people and horses we have that’s stabled with us. It has created opportunities for growth, not only in a business sense, but for relationships as well.

Over the past 8 years we have had people come and go in our yard, but no one left without leaving either a footprint or a hoof print. Looking back to our very first few clients and fast-forwarding to today we have come a long way, and we are looking forward to the next 8 years with great anticipation of what’s to come.
May our yard forever be a blessing to everyone that takes a step into it, and may they feel as though it is a place that they can call home...

Horsey Greetings CJD Equestian